Focus area :

Eastern Mau, Mau Narok

Site location
Topic : Forest fire
Sensor (acquisition date): Landsat ETM+ (05.03.2008), Landsat ETM+ (08.03.2009), Landsat ETM+ (24.03.2009)
Projection : UTM 36S arc 1960
Description :
In March 2009 large fires occurred in Eastern Mau Forest and Mau Narok Forest. The yellow areas point towards the areas that have been burned. Note that in the image of 24.03.2009 a smoke plume can be observed in the NW corner of the image. For comparison, the image of March 2008 can be viewed, in which no burned forest can be observed. Note that in this image the fields surrounding the forests appear much greener (in the SWIR colour composite images) compared to the images of 2009.

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mau05032008 mau08032009

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NIR colour composite 05/03/2008
NIR coour composite 24/03/2009
NIR colour composite 08/03/2009
SWIR colour composite 05/03/2008
SWIR colour composite 24/03/2009
SWIR colour composite 08/03/2009

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