The case studies describe the impact of recent extreme climate conditions or human activities on the vegetation of Kenya. The Endeleo tools (the image viewer, graphs and tables) were used to analyze the changes in the vegetation status. The case studies serve as an example of how the Endeleo tools allow to explore vegetation dynamics.

! NEW ! Case study 9: Influence of El Niño on vegetation status

Case study 8: NDVI as indicator for changes in Mau forest (By Mwangi Kinyanjui - The Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing)

Case study 7: Elephant ranging patterns in relation to vegetation quality (by Festus Ihwangi and Iain Douglas-Hamilton- Safe The Elephants)

Case study 6: Modelling movements and habitat preference of Grevy's Zebra

Case study 5: Drought persists in Kenya throughout 2009

Case study 4: Kenya is struck by drought in beginning 2009

Case study 3: Grazing management evaluation

Case study 2: Failure of short rainy season 2005

Case study 1: Forest fires in Eastern Mau forest, March 2009

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