The 'Kenya Atlas of our Changing Environment' illustrates how natural resources are affected by policy changes, climate change, population dynamics and market forces. Good governance of our environment requires updated and objective information. Satellite imagery can provide regularly updated information providing a synoptic view of vegetation dynamics and land cover changes over time. Endeleo

Satellites regularly pass over our earth capturing images of our environment. Depending upon the satellite characteristics, these images can either be used to have a general view on vegetation dynamics on a regular basis, or provide a detailed view on the location of different landscape features. Satellite images are a tremendous and complementary resource of information.

The ENDELEO project was started from the realization that access to satellite data should be facilitated and barriers to its use lowered as much as possible. As such, ENDELEO aims at providing natural resources managers and any other stakeholders with the necessary tools to help resource managers to better understand and monitor their environment and its dynamics over time.

Through ENDELEO UNEP, DRSRS, RCMRD, the University of Ghent and the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) together with multiple stakeholders, joined hands to provide tools to aid local management of ecosytems, including rangelands, crop lands and forests.

This website provides four main sections allowing to explore vegetation dynamics:

  • vegetation monitoring: 'image viewer' allows to map vegetation change as compared to the ten-year average, the last ten days or last year
  • vegetation monitoring: 'graphs' provides a seasonal graph of vegetation dynamics over time for each land cover type and selected area
  • vegetation monitoring: 'statistics' calculates the average vegetation change as compared to a the average or selected reference year

These three sections are updated every ten days with new images

The fourth section 'Focus areas' shows results of case studies based upon more detailed satellite images.

The original images can also be obtained upon simple request. They are available on the ftp-site of the ENDELEO-project, once you have registered yourself.

ENDELEO is financed by the Government of Belgium through its STEREOII Research Programme.



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April 2010
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March 2010
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February 2010
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January 2010
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